Artbox Project; Art Week Miami 2019

ArtboxProject during Art Week Miami 2nd-8th December 2019

I receive the following message:
The jury has selected the 10 finalists and 100 semi-finalists for the ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 2.0! We are very happy that once again a varied and interesting selection has been made! The ARTBOX Team congratulates the finalists and semi-finalists!

And, WOW, I’m one of the semi-finalist, this means that ‘COLORFUL PEOPLE‘ receives an extra special presentation on two more HD LED screens.

Addition, ‘TWO IS COMPANY‘ and ‘GOSSIP‘ are digitally displayed on a large LED WAND of 2×2 meters.
In this way, visitors can get to see my textile art work more often. Great for me and great for the Textile World!

Where and When?
During the Art Week in Miami from 2 till 8th December 2019 in the ART GALLERY WYNWOOD.
The gallery is located at the main street, alongside the Wynwood Walls.