Kunst aan de Kade

11-09 t/m 04-11 2015 – Galery ‘Kunst aan de Kade’ in Delft

Gallery Kunst aan de Kade exhibits in the thrilled Art-Area of Delft. Part of the Free Art Academy (VAK). Neighbour of Unesco Building and near Central trainstation Delft.

The International Contemporary Art Gallery housed at Grand Cafe VERDEROP, Westvest 9, 2611 AX DELFT, The Netherlands

Opening: September 11th 2015, 15:00 p.m.
You are invited to join the opening.

Participating artists: Bikkel, Petra Hemelrijk, Willy Doreleijers, Francien Heussen, Anny van Veldhoven, Renee Middelkoop

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